FULL LIST: Who Won The NRM CEC Elections?

Kadaga Vs Namuganza - Who Won?

We know many people are waiting for the results of the highly contested NRM CEC elections that took place yesterday countrywide.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) delegates on Thursday convened at district and zonal levels to elect members of the Central Executive Committee (CEC).

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Twenty seven candidates vied for nine positions in the party’s top governing body.

The elections around the country went ahead without much disruptions.

We shall give you below the list of all the winners and their corresponding vote count.

National Chairperson: Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

First Vice National chairperson : Al hajji Moses Kigongo.

2nd Vice National Chairperson (female) :
*Rebecca Kadaga – 6,776(√)*
Namuganza Persis – 3,943

Regional Vice Chairpersons .

Amooti Nyakana -2665
*Singh katongole – 4503(√)*
Uhuru Salim – 2665

Kiganda Ssonko- 1000
*Godfrey Kiwanda- 4749(√)*
Mayendo moses- ___
Magalo John – 676
Kaliisa kalangwa -3701

Diini Emmanuel- 224
Matayo kyaligonza-2550
Kintu Florence- 1875
*Chris Baryomonsi-5947(√)*
Kafuda Boaz -662
Tibugaya Apollo-259
Muhanji Wilberforce-1285

Sanjay Tanna- 4162
Mike Mukulu – 5818(√)*
Akello Christine Harriet – 162

*Jacob oulanya – 7,473(√)*
Sam Engola – 1,665
Dr. Odong – 277
Joken 995

*Aleper Simon peter- 8,143(√)*
Jimmy Lokoru – 2,220


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