Wema Sepetu Reveals Why She Doesn’t Follow Diamond Platnumz on Social Media

Yoweri Museveni Kaguta

Bongo Movies actress and former miss Tanzania, Wema Sepetu, has revealed why she doesn’t follow her ex-boyfriend Diamond Platnumz on Instagram.

The revelation came when the Tanzanian darling, Sepetu, was speaking to the media and responded to the fans’ questions. Among the questions raised by the fans included that (as to why the former lovebirds don’t follow each other).

Replying to the question, the actress said that her and Diamond have never followed each other as it was an agreement between them, while still dating, never to follow each other and that the agreement still stands up to now.

Replying in her native language, Wema Sepetu said,“Lakini mimi na Diamond sio kwamba nimemunfollow. Sijawai kumfollow Diamond. Hata wakati na date naye tulishaamua kwamba hatufollowani. Sijawai kumfollow naye pia hakuwai kunifollow and hatuna shida mbona tunaongea.”


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