Uganda Registers 43 New COVID-19 Cases

Covid-19 Cases

Uganda has registered 43 new cases in a single day, the highest number since the Covid-19 pandemic was confirmed in Uganda.

According to the reports from the Ministry of Health, the country has confirmed 43 new COVID-19 cases confirmed from truck drivers. This brings a total number of COVID-19 cases to 203 in Uganda.

The increasing number of Corona Virus cases among truck drivers has attracted criticism from the Ugandan community who are still in a home stay lock-down. One Uganda exclaimed “truck drivers catapult our case load to now 203! Our initial success is going to waste and our sacrifice to sit at home for 7 weeks seems all in vain now.

The Good News

From the 720 samples taken from the Ugandan community, no sample tested positive. For a sixth straight day, the Ugandan community has registered no positive Covid-19 case.

The total samples tested were 2558 and the breakdown of cases according to the point of entry and nationality is;

The drivers are:

🔺Elegu border post: 15 Ugandans, 9 Kenyans,4 Eritreans
🔺Mutukula border post: 5 Tanzanians, 1 Burundian
🔺Malaba border post: 5 Kenyans, 2 Ugandans, 1 Burundian
1 nationality unknown


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