Uganda Police Releases 12 Terror Suspects


Security has released 12 suspects arrested following the recent bomb blasts at Komamboga and on a Swift Safaris bus killing two people and injuring others.
According to Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, following the incidents, security arrested 48 people but after screening, the number has since been reduced to 36 after some were released.
“Sometimes were arrest family members or friends to hep us lead to the wanted suspects. Some of those arrested helped us get those we wanted,”Enanga said.
The Police spokesperson said since their operations target agents, collaborators and terror operatives, a number of people suspected to have links to them are arrested but later released after screening and using them to get useful information leading to the arrest of the most wanted people.
“After screening, we are left with 36 suspects who have close links to the terror activities but our operations to arrest others are still ongoing.”
Security recently blamed ADF terrorist group for last month’s bomb attack at a pork eating joint in Komamboga , a Kampala suburb.
It is said that an ADF sleeper cell in responsible for the attack and according to the police spokesperson, the attack was a revenge for continued security operations that have dismantled the group.
It was also reported that some of the suspects who participated in the attack had either been trained in the DRC by ADF itself or in Sudan on how to carry out suicide attacks.


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