NIRA to Charge Shs. 200,000 For National I.D


The National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) will be charging Shs. 200,000 for national I. D as revealed in today’s daily monitor.

National I.D replacement has been at Shs. 50,000 in Uganda but has increased to Shs. 200,000.

They are not the only fees changed by NIRA but also other charges.

For instance Change of particular went from Shs. 50,000 to Shs. 200,000.

There was also the introduction of fees for services such as express processing cost for first-timers and express processing cost for renewal. Both services will be charged Shs. 50,000.

National I.D acquisition for first-timers remains free for all Ugandans.

The national identification card was introduced in 2014 and there was a mass registration of all citizens of 16years and above for free. Its registration was later made for all Ugandans regardless of age.

It is now a requirement for every citizen who wishes to access national services such as medication, education, employment, and traveling among others

For Ugandans who wish to acquire a National I.D, registration is done at any of the NIRA offices in the sub-counties. But Authority’s main offices are situated at Kololo Ceremonial Ground former Kololo Airstrip.


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