Uganda Federal Confederates


Why the UFC?

The Odoki Commission established that 65% of the people of Uganda wanted federalism while 10 years later the Ssempebwa report stated 68%. Given this background, it is quite clear that Ugandans believe that a federal political system of government will be fairer for all kingdoms and peoples of Uganda.

We have examined and analyzed the causes of internal wars in Uganda since independence and have concluded that the underlying cause is that one tribe at a certain time has tried to dominate the rest. And having examined the National Resistance Movement Organization policies and their effects on the ground since 1986, it is clear that the current government is mostly promoting or developing the president’s home areas (western region). In other words, nepotism, poverty, sectaranism, autocracy, corruption with impunity, rule by the gun, state sponsored violence, poor public services, unemployment and poor education has triggered the formation of this pressure group. We are realists and believe that any Ugandan president will always try to favour the region where he or she comes from. So our solution to this problem of unfair distribution of wealth is to campaign for a federal political system that will ensure fair distribution of resources. To us politics is simply the distribution of resources and the current government has done a bad job of it that renders it useless.

Who are we and what do we believe in?

We are a non-partisan umbrella pressure group of peace loving organizations and individuals who are actively seeking a democratic Uganda. We hope to bring about a free and fair Uganda for all kingdoms. We are working to bring about the necessary change so as to improve the social, economic and political aspirations of Ugandans. We strongly believe that Uganda can be a peaceful country whereby its leaders can respect the diversity and contribution of its peoples. We believe that our nation’s leaders should promote democracy, be accountable, abide by the law, respect the constitution and work in the interests of the whole nation. Anything below these standards is tantamount to poor leadership and betrayal of our people’s mandate.

Achieving our objectives

Our research has shown that the current regime of the NRMO (National Resistance Movement Organization) invests heavily in public relations and spin that most European or Western governments are unaware of the human rights abuses being committed by state operatives in Uganda. We also realized that some Western governments are aware but turn a blind eye. Therefore our mission is to knock on their doors and make them realize their responsibilities to our citizens. Our grand mission is to lobby intensively for better governance in Uganda as well as exposing the human rights abuses against our people. We will use all the available avenues to inform and empower our people so as to sensitize them politically. We will employ direct non-violent means to achieve our aims and objectives.

We realize the advantages of partnership working. Hence we will work to forge relationships with the different political parties of Uganda and/or any relevant organizations so as to realize our common goals.

Our motto

Our motto is ‘Together we can’. We believe that it is only through working and co-operating together as Ugandans that it will be possible to solve the complex issues we are experiencing as Ugandans. We therefore welcome all members from the indigenous tribes of Uganda to formulate the future of our country and amend or negotiate the terms and conditions of our contract with the state.

Our colours

We have chosen black and white as our colours. As the saying goes ‘as clear as black and white’……we aim to promote transparency. We also thought these colours stand out and people can easily wear them in their daily lives.

Our slogan

‘People say and governments do’ is our slogan. We particularly chose this slogan because our research shows that our people need to be empowered and become more assertive in demanding better governments. So we will do our best to teach them their rights.

Our emblem or sign
Any ideas are welcome


Any organizations or individuals interested in promoting democracy, good governance and protecting human rights are welcome. However we reserve the right to REFUSE any member or organization that we think does not meet our standards. No one will be accepted to be our member if they have committed atrocities or any human rights abuses unless we are confident that they have served their punishment, reformed and therefore adding value to our organization.


We are a group of volunteers who have decided to give something back to the people of Uganda. Federal conferences are held annually and the first conference was held in London on the 11/06/2011 at the University of East London Docklands campus. The second conference will be held on Saturday the 27/10/2012. We will hold our first elections on the same day to elect our leaders in various positions. Some of the positions to be contested for include; the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary among others. For more information about our leadership structure and other positions which you might be interested in please check out the UFC constitution.

Electoral Commission

Our Electoral Commission is headed by Mr Charles Kyazze and if you would like to stand for any position please email your details to ugandafederalists(at)

How to join us

If you would like to join the UFC email us at ufc (at) stating why you would like to join the revolution and what skills you will bring.

Donating to the UFC

We already have alot of campaigns planned but we lack enough resources to see them through. Therefore we urge you to help and donate anything you can afford. We guarantee that your money will be well spent. We already have the right accountability measures in place to make sure this happens. To donate please click on paypal

For more information about the UFC please contact

Mr Mustapha Ssemanda – 07846097708 (mustapha.semanda (at)


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