Truck Drivers Warned Against Prostitutes


The Uganda Professional Drivers’ Network (UPDN) has warned cross-border truck drivers and long distance motorists to stop carrying passengers to avoid transmission of Covid-19 as it was during the first coronavirus wave.

Addressing journalists after a sensitization workshop for truck drivers on July 4, the UPDN Executive Director, Ndugu Omongo, said a 2020-ministry of health report revealed that truck drivers who tested positive for Covid-19 at Elegu border post were being infected by passengers and prostitutes they interacted with along the way.“

Police would force passengers into cabins of drivers causing infections among drivers using Elegu border.

The challenge we have with drivers is making them believe that Covid-19 exists since there are low infections among them as well as the sex workers and passengers they keep carrying in the cabin,” he said.Mr Biron Kinene, the chairman regional Lorries and Truck Drivers Association, warned the drivers that unlike last year where government treated them, they would have to pay heavily for medical aid in 2021.“


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