The Poisoning of Jacob Oulanyah



Jacob Oulanya knew what he was battling.

The larger question was why there was a coordinated operation for a cover up.

We should be discussing poisoning as a tool of political elimination.

Where the State would be helpful is to assist in establishing the type of poison and whether such deadly poison is in the hands of simply and petty political criminal actors.

There was poison used by the Israeli State against the leader of HAMAS in Jordan.

Certainly such poisons are in the hands of the State.

Is it the type that nocked down Oulanya?

Germany is known to be thorough in battling such deadly poison.

Is it therefore the reason why most folks had hit here are rushed to Germany?

I know of many friends who survived poison and the poison was seized by the victims, the intended targets.
Certainly the State, if it was not the source of such poison had the opportunity to study the poison and the entire network that poison people.

Hon Jack Sabiiti, Mugisha Muntu and Ben Wacha survived the poison as the operator being a Langi decided to save Wacha.
The poison was handed over to the Speaker etc and had been served at the Parliamentary canteen.

Let the NRA update the country on the progress of the investigations.

David Pulkor survived poison executed same style.

I have not gotten clearance from Pulkor to discuss the detail.

We always discuss poison casually.

The good news is those who procured poison will swallow it themselves and see how they will thank God for the innovation of poison.

It’s the political elite that are indulged in the cover up of the #alnakba poison covert operations.

It’s good news for humanity that we bury them as victims of poison.

Peasants are for bullets, Panga Squads etc.

Political elites would exploits funeral assemblies for political mobilisation.

Now it’s time for Peasants to exploit funerals for these political elites for meat and other diet considerations.

OJesus Christ avers Repent and or perish.
Rwomushana [former Spy ]


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