Strong Winds Blow Up Tent Covering Oulanyah’s Casket


Strong winds blow up the tent ⛺️ covering the casket of the late Speaker, this happened just as Ker Kwaro Acoli leadership to speak .

Did u think Jacob was going quietly, didn’t u see how he raised up …nobert mao

Meaning of the stormy Wind !
In acoli tradition, when a strong wind comes and affects the area where the body is lying,…it’s evidence enough to the mourners that the deceased is unsatisfied, his spirit is not happy or he died mysteriously.

Earlier, An Eclipse was seen over the burial ground of Jacob Oulanyah and the whole of Omoro District.

According to local witnesses, this was last observed in 1984 when a great man Gen Ojok Oyite was being burried having died after mysterious Circumstances.


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