LEAKED: President Museveni in a Secret Deal to Release ADF Chief, Mukulu


Highly guarded backdoor talks aimed at releasing Sheikh Jamil Mukulu, the chief of Allied Democratic Front (ADF), a globally blacklisted terrorist outfit, have leaked.

According to sources very close to the negotiations, the talks are already in their advanced stage to see a free Mukulu.

The leaked negotiations show that President Museveni himself is taking the lead in negotiating Mukulu’s release under the amnesty law.

“The president is pondering on releasing Mukulu vide a condition that he will help him to convince his rebels to stop committing atrocities against innocent Ugandans and by extension, bring an end to the rebellion he started against the Kampala government,” our sources revealed.

We have been made to understand that the other reason Museveni wants to release Mukulu is because while the President had been convinced that the arrest of the man would mark the end of the killing of Muslim clerics, the opposite has been the case instead.

“Get it from us, the man is already out of confinement.” When our sources were asked why Mukulu is out of Nalufenya already when the talks have not been concluded yet, the source claimed that President Museveni is doing it in order to demonstrate his commitment to finally grant amnesty to the ADF Chief.

Furthered revealed is that Mukulu “is currently being held in a safe house in one of the Kampala surburbs as he undergoes counseling and rehabilitation before he can be released into public life.”

Releasing Mukulu as strange as it is, seems unpalatable according to the atrocities he is accused of having committed against Ugandans. For instance the burning of students at Kichwamba Technical Institute. A number of rebels have been released via the Amnesty deal. The president has since pardoned several rebels and now sit with him on the cabinet while others serve in the Ugandan army.

Among these include Gen. Moses Ali. Who was one of the commanders of the West Nile Bank Front which operated in Arua. The highly trained bulky paratrooper has since been pardoned by the President and elevated to the military rank of General.

More Ex-rebels including the leader of Tabliqs in Uganda, Sheikh Yunus Kamoga, late Maj Sheikh Mohammed Kiggundu was too Mukulu’s rebel until he renounced rebellion and was pardoned by the president.

Museveni has been a strong believer in forgiving and not killing or fighting his enemies especially those who realize their faults and become willing to renounce them.


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