Museveni is Weak to Defeat Me – Besigye

Besigye Campaigns

The Inter-Party Cooperation presidential flag bearer has told the people of Ankole not to get frightened that President Museveni would arrest him, saying “he knows how to fight for himself.”

Dr Kizza Besigye, who is currently campaigning in the western region, attempted to allay fears by residents that Mr Museveni would arrest him before the February 18 presidential elections. He asked residents to work hard and change the current political system which he says has “compounded majority of them into economic slavery.” “This Besigye you see before you here knows how to fight for himself,” he said, adding: “Even if Museveni takes me to Luzira, I will come out. If he sprays teargas on me, I will walk through it, and I can even go into exile today and come back tomorrow. This Besigye cannot be knocked down easily.”

Dr Besigye’s possible arrest is linked to remarks he alledgedly made last year while touring Lango, to the effect that the government had leased off Lake Kyoga, Lake Victoria and other lakes to undisclosed foreign investors. This was after complaints from local fishermen that they were being barred from using the lake by unknown foreigners.

While describing himself as a fighter who cannot be easily intimidated, Dr Besigye said whoever attempts to arrest him or mess up the electoral process would be creating his short cut to the International Criminal Court. “The reason you have not seen the Kiboko squad is because they are running scared of the ICC. The ICC officials are here to record everything that is happening. I think you heard of what happened in Kenya. He (Museveni) can be taken to the ICC like his Kenyan counterparts.”

Uganda’s eastern neighbour, Kenya, slipped into an orgy of tribal violance which left more than 1,500 people dead and thousands displaced following the disputed 2007 election.

The FDC leader challenged President Museveni to first arrest his son-in-law Odrek Rwabwogo who he claims has become “synonymous with corruption”. “As I speak today, there is a report in Parliament which pins government officers of swindling Shs500b meant for Chogm (the Commonwealth Heads of Government State Meeting),” Dr Besigye said. “Instead of arresting these officers, Mr Museveni is threatening to arrest Besigye for saying that government sold the lake. Why can’t he arrest his son-in-law who took Shs240m to make Chogm adverts but could not produce even a single receipt?”


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