Lydia Jazmine Falls Out with Manager, Bushingtone


Fresh on the desk is the ‘You and Me’ song maker, Lydia Jazmine allegedly clashing with her music manager.

Lydia Jazmine with friends
Singer Lydia Jazmine with friends

Sources have it that the dark beauty is currently on bad terms with her manager, a one Bushingtone reportedly over money issues.

She (Lydia Jazmine) no longer trusts her manager’s ideas. She refuses to perform at some occasions demanding for over 1M.Our invisible buzzing bee revealed.

More info asserts that Bushingtone normally books gigs paying less than 1M, a level that the ‘Masuka’ singer thinks she has already stepped over.

Close sources to Bushingtone say that he is frustrated by her attitude though looking for a solution for it.


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