Children Should Be Looked After With Proper Care


Shadia Katono, a Primary Four pupil in Mirembe Primary School in Kampala was severely beaten by her father, William Katwalo over stealing his sh5000. (File photo)

Barely a week today, was the mutilated body of an innocent child, Ramathan Muhammad, a son to Aisha Suleiman of Kamyokya found decomposing near the old bridge on River Nile with signs of sacrifice. The sad story is that the little boy had followed fellow children from home to school, and when he was sent back to home, only to meet his tragedy, never was he seen again by parents.

While efforts are made to sensitize the public about the rampant human sacrifice, parents and guardians ought to take extra care and be keen with a wider eye open on their children, come to beginning of holidays soon.

In this unpredictable situation, a parent may feel relieved of the tension and pressure when a term closes and children come back home safely before any fire guts dormitories of their school, as it has always been reported. We pray that no more accident happens to our young ones before they come back home.

Not only with standing the above, remember, drug addicts who rape and defile innocent young ones, motorists who drive recklessly or sometimes under influence, those in homes that are bellow level, will among others be prone to floods now that it is currently a rainy season everywhere.

It is so sad that only a few culprits of child sacrifice have been apprehended and brought to book.

Unless some justice is not only done, but as well be seen to be done, unjustifiable justice in form of mob justice will continue on the increase.


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