UWA Press Release on Marburg


Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) wishes to release new information from details emerging about the visit of the tourist from the Netherlands who caught Marburg while in Uganda.

UWA has double checked the records on the ground and with the staff that guided the tourists during their visit to the cave, and it has emerged that the lady in question did not enter the cave in the Maramagambo Forest in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

According to the guide, Godfrey Twimukye, there were four tourists who visited the cave with him – two women and two men – all from The Netherlands. When they reached the cave, the men entered the cave while the women stayed outside.

For the 10 years since the Maramagambo Cave was opened up for tourism, our staff in Queen Elizabeth National Park have been frequently in contact with the bats but have never contracted the deadly Marburg virus.

However, we still invite all organizations and individuals interested in working with us in carrying out investigations to contact us. We are already working with the Uganda National Taskforce infectious diseases and have contacted the World Health Organisation about participating in the investigations.

In the meantime, the bat cave continues to be temporarily closed to visitors until investigations are complete. Nature walks, bird watching and other activities within the Maramagambo Forest will however continue.


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