Multichoice Uganda joins Mulago to combat Malaria


MultiChoice Uganda has joined Mulago Hospital in fighting malaria at the Children’s causality ward by donating mosquito nets and repellants.

The activity is in line with the latest premiering documentary “MOSQUITO” on Discovery channel that gives a timely in-depth look at this very tiny but very dangerous creature, and how it is changing in unpredictable and unprecedented ways.

Speaking at the event, Charles Hamya, MultiChoice Uganda General Manager said, “As the MOSQUITO documentary provides in depth knowledge into the magnitude of malaria. It’s important to note mosquitos kill more than 750,000 people a year, many of whom are children. We felt it important not only to bring attention to the channel but to also join in the fight by taking a step to reach out to our very own, who suffer from mosquito plagues such as malaria as one of the most traumatizing diseases. We are glad that Mulago presented us with this opportunity that nudged us to contribute to the fight of this vicious parasite through the provision of necessities needed by these mothers to restrain mosquitoes and protect their children.”

Narrated by Academy Award nominated actor Jeremy Renner, Mosquito chronicles the increasing global threat this tiny animal poses and the potential lethal ramifications without a worldwide coordinated effort.

The film features interviews with leading experts including former CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden and Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who points out that the resources required to fight an outbreak relative to the level of death that could result from a fatal pandemic makes this a clear global health priority.

Dr. Nassanga Deputy Executive Director of Mulago Hospital said, “We are grateful to MultiChoice Uganda for appreciating the need to fight malaria, yellow fever and other mosquito borne diseases. The choice to support these children is immeasurably humbling. A sick child is a complete representation of a sick world and every child lost to these diseases that could easily have been prevented is a loss to our nation. That is why when support to the Health sector is offered we are grateful.”

The mosquito nets and mosquito repellants will be put to good use in heightening our malaria fight.

“Commenting on the importance of MOSQUITO documentary, David Zaslav, President and CEO of Discovery Communications said, “For more than 30 years, Discovery’s mission has been to ignite viewers’ curiosity, spark dialogue and encourage action on critical topics through our world-class storytelling and brands across 220 countries and territories. MOSQUITO sounds a worldwide alarm about the need for bold steps to address this increasingly urgent threat. As a purpose-driven company, we are proud to leverage the strength of our unmatched television and digital services in all corners of the globe to call on citizens and worldwide leaders alike to act.”

Mosquitos are known to spread diseases such as Zika, dengue, and yellow fever in the community not only in Uganda but to uncharted and unprepared parts of the world.

Tina Wamala, MultiChoice Uganda PR & Communication Manager noted that Multichoice provides diverse content through the different channels. She said, “As an entertainment company, we provide a vast selection of channels which serve different purposes when needed. Discovery channel provides core impactful facts on critical topics that serve to enlighten the public on the issues around our community and the world. ”

“MultiChoice will broadcast MOSQUITO on the Discovery Channels including Discovery Channel and Discovery Family on Thursday,  6th July at 21:00 CAT and repeats on Animal Planet Friday, 7th July at 21:00 CAT as well as Discovery Science on Saturday, 8th July at 21:00 CAT.” She concluded.


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