Government Bans Advertising of Health Drinks


The Government has issued a ban on the advertisement and promotion of natural “health drinks.”

A huge number of different types of “health drinks (beverages)” have successfully penetrated the market, as they can be found in almost all shops across the country.

In a joint statement issued on Friday by the National Drug Authority (NDA), Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), the drinks are not fit for human consumption.

“The National Drug Authority (NDA), Uganda Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and Uganda Communications Commission UCC have observed with concern a growing number of advertisements of products claiming nutritional and therapeutic value on television, radio and social media. These advertisements, which exaggerate the therapeutic capability of the drinks being advertised, are not only misleading to the public but actually putting lives at risk. Moreover, some of them, especially the visual content on TV and social media, portray inappropriate content,” read the statement in part.

Section 33 (1) of the National Drug Policy and Authority Act, Cap 206 prohibits the advertisement and publication of information that is calculated to promote the use of a drug for prevention or treatment of any disease or relating to enhancing human potency.

In addition, Section 5 (1 – 5) of the Food and Drugs Act, Cap 278 prohibits the false labelling or advertisement of food or drug.


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