Enforcement Officers Burn Struggling Woman with Oil

Gulu Woman Burnt by Hot Cooking Oil

Despite the warnings of Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni towards law enforcement officers who mistreat Ugandans, more reports are coming out where struggling Ugandans are still suffering from poor enforcement of laws.

This time, a struggling Ugandan has got serious burns from cooking oil due to an accident that happened in Gulu in northern Uganda.

According to Q Fm in Lira, a woman identified as Joce Alanyo, a resident of Kanyagoga parish in Bar-dege division, Gulu Municipality is nursing serious injuries at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital after she was badly burnt by her cooking oil.

A law enforcement officer who was said to be implementing the Presidential directive, found Acayo cooking food for sale by the road side and kicked a frying pan with hot cooking oil.

A huge amount of the boiled cooking oil dropped on Acayo’s chest and the head and she is now admitted to Gulu Regional Hospital.

The positive news this time is that the Law enforcement officer who has been identified as George Kilama has been arrested and he is being detained at Gulu Central Police.


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