Eddy Kenzo Sings Song About Agonizing 2020 (Tweni tweni)


The year 2020 will forever be remembered in history as one of the most miserable years not only in Uganda but globally. The year was highly welcomed in style which even saw people christening it a stylish name of ”tweni tweni” but as of now people are in regrets of it already, due to the corona virus pandemic.

The corona virus pandemic has really caused great harm to the world. In Uganda Eddy Kenzo is one of the most affected people with this pandemic virus because it led to the amputation of his long-awaited festival and left him swimming in losses as he had already paid for the venue, adverts and visas for the international artists who were to attend his festival.

This thus forced the ‘sitya loss’ hit maker to hit studio and record a song about this disconsolate year (2020) in a song he dubbed ”tweni tweni”, 2020. In the song Eddy Kenzo asks 2020 to leave the world in peace because it has destructed everything yet it found us in total peace.

He further sings that the year was welcomed in peace and praises but it has instead turned too problematic to an extent that it has forced people to leave their work and just staying indoors 24/7. Listen to this doleful song from Eddy Kenzo dubbed ”tweni tweni”.


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