Chameleon’s Electric Performance Shocks Revelers


Thursday was a day marked on calenders of most of the party animals in Kampala apparently the reason for their timely and massive attendance at Club Silk for the famed music guru Jose Chameleon.

The show started to a fully packed club with performances from Big Eye and Ziza bafana. They put up an impressive performance but most of the audience seemed remained seated, perhaps waiting for the main act of the day.

The long awaited moment finally came shortly after clocking 11pm. With the inhouse band already on stage caressing their instruments, they were joined by Chameleon spotting cornrows, a colourful leather jacket, black body T-shirt, a pair of red jeans and black converse shoes to give the audience what they had been waiting for.

He kick started his live performance with his hit Gimme Gimme, a song that he did with Nigeria’s Dotstar. The song got the audince grooving and singing that they rendered Papa Cidy, who was backing Chameleon appear like he wasn’t needed.

The singer who now boasts of over ten studio albums belted out almost his old hits leaving the audience sweating after vigorous dance strokes.

However, the Kola Zizo singer had come to work and there was no room for a break even when the hype in the club appeared to lower.

The biggest part of the night came when he was joined by his young brother Weasle and the duo took the audience through an exhilarating twenty minute performance that saw them perform their classic, Bomboclat.

Chameleon also used the opportunity to showcase his saxophone skills when he picked up one and performed one of East Africa’s biggest hit, Valu Valu.

The singer also among other songs performed Mambo Bado, Jamila and Daniela, a song he did for his wife Daniela Atim. Daniela was also in attendance and smiled over and over again as his husband did what he does best.

Meanwhile Radio also performed his hit Nera Nera, a song that has manifested itself as a club and party anthem.

Chameleone, Weasle and Radio also sampled their latest collabo before leaving stage after putting up an almost 3 hour musical performance.


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