Bebe Cool Goes Back To Ogopa DJs, Shoots Video


Reports coming from Kenya show that singer Bebe Cool last week went back to Ogopa Deejays record one of his latest music videos.

According to Kenyan media, the Nyonyi Nkeze singer who made his breakthrough from Kenya’s leading producers Ogopa Deejays, had his video directed by Ogopa CEO Lucas. The is expected to be out this month though the tittle of the song is still unknown.

Bebe Cool seems to have went to Ogopa in a bid to keep up with the quality of some of the best artists in East Africa currently.

The biggest Awards’ winner at the recently held Kilimanjaro Tanzania Music Awards (KTMA), Diamond had his award winning video Number one produced by Ogopa. The video had majority of the scenes shot from South Africa and according to Kenyan media cost Shs70million.

The video has scenes shot on a yacht, a private jet, a Ferrari F430 Spider and a Bentley with a drone filming the yacht and Ferrari scenes. Diamond also reveals that he bought new outfits for the video in SA while others were from Bongo.

Watching the new video, you’ll notice that his crew members are missing and in its place are South African models.

The song has been nominated twice in this year’s MTV Africa Music Awards.

Standard Digital media also reports that Chameleon who also made his breakthrough from Ogopa, and also an award winner at KTMA also recently recorded a video with Ogopa.

Ugandan female singer Desire Luzinda also had the video of her latest song Equation made by Ogopa Deejays.

So is it a surprise that Bebe Cool who has managed to maintain himself among the big artists in the country for over a decade shot a video from Ogopa studios?

We just can’t wait for the video!


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