There was An attempt to Pour Petrol on My Car – Mbabazi


Independent presidential candidate has said the events in Ntungamo on Sunday were a culmination of an attempt to harm his person. Explaining the incident in a statement yesterday, Mbabazi said there was an attempt to pour petrol on his car in Rubare Ntungamo, intimidation of supporters, sealing the main ground for his rally by stick wielding persons dressed in President Museveni’s t-shirts.

“I have and will continue to call for a peaceful handover of power from one leader to another. The recent incident in Ntungamo was the culmination of a number of attempts to harm my person first by attempting to pour petrol on my car in Rubare, intimidation and assault of my supporters in Ruhaama, human barricades, sealing off the main road to my campaign procession in Ntungamo Municipality and lining the road to my public rallies in Kajara, Kiture in Ruhama and Ntungamo Municipality with stick wielding persons dressed in President Museveni’s t-shirts (Case No. CRB2188/15),” Mbaabzi said.

He said these incidents happened in Masaka, Mukono, Mityana, Luweero, Iganga, Kasese, Bushenyi, Lango sub-region, Arua, Gulu and Kigezi.

Mbabazi argued that the “illegal electoral acts are perpetuated by the Resident District Commissioners (RDCs), State House employees, some crime preventers, security operatives, army officers (Fort Portal & Gulu) and some police themselves who have been found to be complicit in these acts either by omission (Ntungamo) or Commission (Mbarara & Fort Portal).”

Mbabazi said the clash was a spontaneous response to the endless, well-orchestrated, life threatening provocation that had been meted out by 400 President Museveni T-shirt clad, stick wielding men.

He accused the police and Electoral Commission for repeated failure to respond to his pleas.


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