Alaine Beats Konshens to His Concert


Jamaican American reggae singer Alaine Laughton last night beat Konshens to his concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

I would call it the strength of a woman but yes Alaine put up an amazing performance better than the ladies’ man Konshens who came to the country on a concert for the second time.
Over 20,000 fans attended the concerts

Lugogo Cricket Oval was full to capacity by 7:30pm, both the VIP and Ordinary sections were packed and with Rabadaba, Vampino, Irene Ntale, Navio, Remah, Chameleone, Yung Mulo among other Ugandan artistes raising the curtains for main artistes.

The Jamaican lady, clad in all black took to the stage at 9:30 pm getting both the guys and girls screaming their lungs out as she sang All or Nothing.

It was after her first song performance that the slim beauty requested to take off her high heels and be able to sing her heart out to Ugandans for whom she’s waited all her life to perform to as she said.

Alaine took to the stage barefooted as she performed hits like Giving It All To You, Keep Lovin You, Make Me Weak, No Ordinary Love, Rise In Love, Spin Mi, You Nuh Ready Fi Me and some Bob Marley for the Rastafarian fans.

Towards the end of her performance Alaine choose from the crowd a random male fan whom she took to the stage, sang to and danced with that made every man wish he was the one up the stage dancing with the sexy Jamaican in front of over 20,000 fans.

Alaine ended her performance with her latest club banger Nakupenda Pia in which she features Kenya’s Wyre that got the whole crowd singing along.

The ladies’ man Konshens then took on to the stage at 10:30 pm clad in a black suit and tie, as ladies screamed on top of their voices. Konshens performed the crowds’ favorites like Gyal Bubble, Do Sum’n, Am Coming, Sidung, Stop sign, Walk and wine, Gal Dem a talk, Rasta, Imposter, Trust No One, Love This Life among others.

Although Konshens equally performed for long, he didn’t so much connect with the crowd like Alaine did, besides the strength of a woman, you would say it’s because it was Alaine’s first time performance here as opposed to Konshens who in less than a year came back in another concert.

In conclusion, if Alaine didn’t tag along Konshens, the concert would have been boring. If you attended, you’ll for sure agree with me!

The concert was organized by Pepsi Uganda.


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