AIGP Asan Kasingye FINED by FUFA


The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) ethics and disciplinary committee has sanctioned Police FC chairman AIGP Asan Kasingye and handed him a suspended 6-month ban from football-related activities. He has also been fined Shs 2.5 million to be paid within 30 days.

The decision announced today follows Kasingye’s misconduct during a Uganda Premier League game between Police FC and Vipers SC played on February 19 at St. Mary’s Stadium Kitende, home to Vipers.

It is alleged that the official handling the game as the centre referee made an error and sent off the police goalkeeper which irritated Kasingye who took his bitterness from the pitch after berating the match commissioner to his Twitter handle where he urged the league organizers to give the trophy straight to Vipers already.

Mukama Yebazibwe, Babawe ekikopo bukyali, Simanyi lwaki twonoona sente zaffe okuzanya liigi” meaning (Praise be to the lord, please give the trophy to them already so we don’t have to waste any more money). Kasingye tweeted.

“This is the order of the day for Vipers SC It’s too much. We can’t keep looking on as they rape the beautiful game. Someone must stop this madness. Corruption in football has gone beyond. Vipers, together with your hired refs, shame on you,” added Kasingye.

According to the FUFA ethics and disciplinary committee, Kasingye has been sanctioned for violating Article 39 (2) of the FUFA Ethics Code.

“Article 39(2) of the FUFA Ethics Code which provides that; Persons bound by this Code are forbidden from making any public statements of a defamatory nature towards FUFA and /or towards any other person bound by this code in the context of FUFA events,” FUFA said

“An automatic 6-month ban from all football-related activities (nationally & internationally) to be served in the event that Kasingye commits any other specified unethical conduct against match officials or club officials or in case he fails to furnish proof of payment of the fine” FUFA added.

It should however be noted that the red card that was given to the Police FC goalkeeper was earlier revoked by the executive board of Uganda Premier League.

Meanwhile, the assistant referee Juma Osire the assistant that led to issuing the red card to Police’s Derrick Ochan has also been suspended for one-month from all football-related activities. The committee ruled that Osire was wrongly positioned at the time of the incident and therefore couldn’t make the right call.

“The panel found that national assistant referee Juma Osire made a wrong call that led to issuing the red card. In the present case, the FUFA referees disciplinary panel sanctioned Juma Osire with one-month ban from all football related activities,” said FUFA.


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