10 Good Songs That Failed To Rock Uganda Airwaves


Uganda has got mammoth of musicians who keep on producing good music year in, year out. However, at times these musicians release songs and they totally fail because of various reasons; sometimes the songs are really good but lack promotion, and many other reasons.

Meanwhile, today we look at some of the songs that have knocked the walls though we think they would have done better at least.

1. Inabana by Harmonize ft Eddy Kenzo

This duet was full of controversies as it was first done by Harmonize and Jose Chameleone and then later the final version of it consisted of Harmonize featuring Eddy Kenzo. Presumably this must be one of the reasons as to why the song failed.

2. Stamina by Brotherz Muzik ft Jose Chameleone

The song is really full of life but i think it lacked enough promotion from the musicians.

3. Mpanirira by Deena ft Radio & Weasel

It’s really a real bummer that such songs, like mpanirira, don’t receive enough airplay. This is really a song that everyone in love would wish to send to his/her paramour with the catchy lyrics in it.

4. Sukali by Diana Nalubega

Another sweet song that failed to rock the airwaves is sukaali by a one Diana Nalubega. The song is a one to die for especially when you are in love. You can’t send this song to your lover and he/she resist to appreciate you. The lyrics in the song are simply superb and lovable!

5. Tubikole by King Saha ft Weasel

Tubikole is a very beautiful song, that to my understanding is better than ‘Mpa Love’ – the first duet King Saha did with Weasel, but unfortunately it wasn’t welcomed fairly by the fans. Of course this song lacked enough promotion but it would have done better with the amazing high tempo and the master-class lyrics in it!!

6. Nkulowozako by Vivian Tendo

When you listen to this song you will come to know that this is one of the best songs that first-rising Vivian Tendo has ever done. However, the failure to make for it a video could be one of the factors it failed.

7. Sister by Khalifa Aganaga

Though the song was mainly targeting Rema and Eddy Kenzo, ‘sister’ is a  very good song with a very good message that every girl child needs to know. However, it surprisingly failed to rock the airwaves, is it because it has no video???!!


8. Kyuma by Spice Diana ft Radio & Weasel

The sweetness of this song by-far outweigh the airplay it received. The magical voice of Mowzey Radio (RIP) merged with the sweetness of Spice Diana’s voice spiced the song and made it ear catching but surprisingly it also didn’t get a massive airplay as many would expect.

9. Love Legend by Victor Ruz

Wow, the angelic voice of Victor Ruz will immediately make you fall in love with this song! The lyrics again will make you become his fan because they are really mature than him.

10. Buffet by Aziz Azion

Buffet is also a very good love song from Aziz Azion but by surprise some people may not even know about it.




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