Peter Ssematimba Fires All Staff At Super FM


Embattled Busiro South Member of Parliament and owner of Super FM, Peter Sematimba has sacked all of the entire staff at the radio station.

According to news getting to our desk, the bad news has been revealed to the workers in a meeting held Tuesday morning.

It is reported that prior to taking the decision, Ssematimba had not paid salaries to his workers for eight months now.

Apparently their would be salaries were dedicated towards the February elections.

Fortunately, he emerged victorious, sending his employees into celebrations; of both his victory and hope for their salaries. However, their excitement was short lived as his victory was overturned following a successful petition by his rival, Steven Ssekigozi.

The decision came before he even got his salary as an MP. The decision to throw him out of parliament was premised on his lack of the minimum qualification to be an MP.

He retained his seat pending the decision of the Court of Appeal, where he lodged his appeal.

But will he have attained the minimum qualification by the time the Court of Appeal sits to hear his appeal? Your guess is as good as his!

Perhaps he sees himself not far away from Parliament’s exit an has already started preparing for life outside parliament.

First, by cutting costs by laying off workers with immediate effect. Those who wish to stay have been told they can only stay as volunteers, who will be working without pay.

Meanwhile, the court of appeal is to start hearing his appeal soon.


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