Ykee Benda Breaks up with pregnant Girlfriend


Latest from Singer Ykee Benda’s camp is about his split with his on and off longtime lover Julie Batenga. We can exclusively report.

Ugandan Buzz learned about the break up of the ‘Kyonkola’ singer and Julie after landing on the singer’s post to facebook lamenting abot his relationship.

He revealed how he is worried about how to sustain without his lover though still has some little hope of getting her back.

“These are going to be some dark days maybe months I don’t know… for both of us. But I Know there will be light at some point. I will forever celebrate you and wish you nothing but bliss and happiness. I can barely write another statement, my heart is pumping too fast. Goodbye and God bless you Julie Batenga,” Ykee Benda lamented.

Reason for the break up

It has been reported that the Ykee’s relationship with Julie has been on tenterhooks for now about four months. However, the actual reason behind their split is yet to be revealed though Ykee Benda claims that she wanted to leave after failing to have a common ground.

Julie wanted to leave, I wanted her. And we both failed to have a common ground.” He said

Meanwhile, insiders say Julie is pregnant with Ykee’s baby.

Ykee Benda’s Introduction

Last year, 2017, Julie introduced the singer to her parents in Mukono as it is a traditional norm in most of Uganda’s ethnic grouping though the event was only attended by close friend and family members.


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