Singer Sasha Brighton Quits De New Eagles for a Solo Career


What we have for you from De New Eagles Band is the ‘Malo’ Singer, Sasha Brighton leaving the band for a solo career and arguably greener pastures.

Sasha Brighton said that she doesn’t care what some people will say about her decision as she thinks that it was wise for her to part ways for a brighter career.

“I know some will judge me while others will understand. From today on wards, I choose a solo career. I am going to be my own music, “

Despite her first remarks, Sasha later revealed that she still loves and will miss her mother Band and thanked her former management for availing her the opportunity to be part of them.

“I thank u my parents for raising me and I hope the lord blesses you. I love and miss De New Eagles family,” she said.

Sasha Brighton now joins the list of musicians such as Izon T and Grace Khan that have exited the ‘De New Eagles’ music group for solo careers.


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