Eddy Kenzo Outs intriguing ‘tweyagale’ visuals – VIDEO ALERT


Last month, January on 25th, the Big Talent boss released his first song of the year 2020 in which he calls up people to love each other and leave alone the hatred as this world belongs to no human.

The self-styled ‘Love Niga President’ aka ‘Semyekozo’ has today released the video of this song and the visuals [as the typical Eddy Kenzo’s] are of course entertaining. The dances in the video are really corresponding to the song itself, making it superb and eye catching. Beyond question this is another hit song from the man himself – Eddy Kenzo.

Ugandan buzz already released Tweyagale song’s lyrics, you can read through them as you’re listening to the song. Also look for the beautiful visuals on Eddy Kenzo’s youtube channel.


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