Important Things to Know When Renting a Car in Uganda


Are you planning to rent a car for a vacation in Uganda and you do not know which things to look? Whereas self drive tours in Uganda have become one of the lifetime experiences, renting a car for this exceptional adventure entirely requires you to adequately plan so as to make the best choice.

For travelers who are planning to take self drive trips in the Pearl of Africa, you will need that excellent car with amazing features that allow you achieve your dreams. Uganda is entirely safe and the roads are in better conditions based on East African standards and even first time self drive visitors can still realize their dreams in this spectacular destination.

With our trust worthy, reputable and reliable Car Hire Company, there is no need for you to worry as all travelers interests are covered when it comes to which car to rent for a vacation. If you intend to rent 4 by 4 self drive vehicles in Uganda for vacation, we advise you to look at the following features;

Insurance cover

It is always to cross check with the Car Rental Company that you intend to deal with whether their vehicles are insured to save you from paying additional costs especially when comes to damages. Our fleets of safari cars are all comprehensively insured and this offers visitors opportunity to freely enjoy what Uganda has in offer for the world.

Car tool kit

This is one of the items that you should check. Traveling in a new destination at times is very challenging especially when the car gets mechanical conditions and fixing it even becomes impossible and yet if you had car tool kit along with you can rectify it yourself. Interestingly, our safari cars come with emergency tool kits which can assist you fix some of the small things while on your road trip. However, our visitors rarely get these kind of mechanical issues as our cars are constantly checked and serviced prior visitors’ taking them on road trip. You can still carry a personal check to ascertain if the vehicle has some mechanical condition that needs to be solved before you take off.

Fuel policy

Each Car Hire Company has its own fuel policy and travelers are advised to inquire from respective Car Rental Company that he or she intends to deal with about their fuel policy prior booking a car for a trip in Uganda. Most of the Car Rental Companies rent out cars with no fuel and it is a visitor’s task to provide for it.

Unlimited mileage

This helps visitors to transverse through Uganda’s remotest destinations with no fear of going beyond the set travel distances. We offer car rental services on unlimited mileage to make realize your dreams in Uganda at your own pace.

Boot space

This is very important when it comes to trips in any destination. Make sure that the car you intend to hire has adequate space and can accommodate all that you intend to carry and can make you comfortable while on safari. We offer car hire services based on all traveler’s interests.

Pop up roof

If you are interested in wildlife viewing in Uganda a safari car that you intend to rent should have a pop up roof to offer you clear views of the wildlife species and also take photographs at your convenience.

Air conditioner

The climate in Uganda is relatively good and air conditioning can vital for dirty roads in the remotest areas of the country that may require you to close the windows while on dusty routes.

Spare car tyres

Before renting a car, make sure that you have checked it well and it has a spare tyre to help you during times of puncture on the road. As most of the safaris in Uganda are conducted in the remotest areas, a spare tyre is a must to have and it should be in better status.

Never forget to check the validity of car registration forms and license

The check up should be on registration certificate, valid insurance, all Uganda permit, motor third party and the driver’s license. A self drive in a new destination requires travelers to have an international or Uganda valid driving license.

Other critical things that you shouldn’t take for granted include the costs of hiring the car. Different companies offer different costs when it comes to accidents. Others may make you pay the full damages and others post insurance claim. You need to choose a car hire company to deal with very keenly and make sure that you make comparisons before dealing with one.

In conclusion, with the above check list we believe that you will make the best choice while hiring a car for a self drive safari.



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