Whatsapp fundraising Group Invites are Shoving down People’s throats

If you have a circle of 5 - 10 friends, you may find that you only have 2 - 3 free weekends in a...

Routing Leakage: Technicians Explain Why Facebook Apps Went Down

Yesterday, there was an unexpected service outage of the Facebook Family apps with unidentified technical problems. The popular applications of Facebook itself, Instagram, Facebook Messenger...

Facebook, Insta & Whatsapp Taken Down by Anonymous Hackers

Users of the most followed Social Media sites of Facebook are in panic after learning that Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram Sites are taken down. Since...

Be aware of FakesApp before your Whatsapp gets Hacked

Whatsapp Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging mobile applications in the world with an estimate of at least 65 billions being...

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