Video: Bad Black in Live Sex on Snap Chat

City socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has shocked the her fans and critics after filming her self live while having sex and going vulgar on Social media.

The ‘Mud guard’ singer who is currently in Thailand went live on Snap Chat while having intimate moments with her latest boyfriend.

She went on advising Slay Queens on how to clean their nether regions before having sex with any one and how to secure a guys’ wallet with ease.

“From washin p*ssy 100% clean 4 zolos… will come back on snap soon…. abawala wash ur black p*ssy before opening it…..Slay Quen 1 tip whn u need to take wallet make him f*ck u like hell…. he well blackout…. then take anything u want naye nze am looking 4 life investment….” The former jail bird tagged her Snap chat clips.

In the same video, she also hinted bout her return to Uganda next month to claim ex smart wires, her words.

“Am busy investin ur busy gossip after ur like bad black s back…. ture feb am home to claim ex smart wires….” She posted

Bad Black’s Sex Video



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