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The Uganda Today is the ONLY Uganda newspaper bravely and openly campaigning for a Free press in Uganda – while committed to human rights and democracy for Uganda. We aim to ensure that marginalized views and voices are heard. We believe in facilitating argument and understanding across geographical boundaries is vital to preventing injustices and wars.

Beyond and behind the headlines

We won’t tell you what to think. We offer you a spectrum of ideas, from the people who have lived through the events, from those on the ground making a difference, from scholars with expert knowledge.

Our writers provide you with the background information you need to challenge the politics of any place. Every week, we publish new articles and opinions for you to read and analyse.

50/50 Dialogue- towards democratic debate

A global debate without the female half of humanity is neither global nor democratic. With this in mind, The Uganda Today 50/50 Dialogue is building a series of editorial projects designed to make The Uganda Today a current affairs forum, which is written, read and used equally by women and men and by all age groups.

A place to reflect – a place to be heard

Through our Letters and Opinions you can challenge our authors, question our visitors, express your views and read those of others. Help shape the world in conversation with other informed and opinionated citizens everywhere.

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