Zahara Toto Parts Ways with Boyfriend Don Solomon


Fresh on the desk is NBS TV ‘Uncut’ presenter Zahara Nalumansi a.k.a Zahara Toto parting ways with boyfriend Toni Suleman a.k.a Don Solomon.

According to the motor-mouthed Zahara Toto, a famous TV presenter, who accuses Toni Suleiman alias Don Solomon for cheating on her with very many girls revealed on her snap-chat account that she has finally broken up with him.

The two have been dating for a while and they have had a share of the tabloid headlines from the first time they made their relationship public. However, she blames Solomon for being disrespectful and non-developmental.

I was in love because we have been together for a year now! I didn’t want to lose my man! But all in vain.…he is disrespectful, non-developmental, adds no value to no one! I tried to talk to him so we resolve things where it had gone wrong as I didn’t want the relationship to end! But he used to take advantage to continue with his ashawo behavior of sleeping with more sluts,” she posted.

Zahara, the Proud mother of three also spoke about the woman who she says has been sleeping around with her boyfriend and called her all sorts of names. She blames Solomon for getting girls from Instagram and taking them to the house they were both sharing.

However, Don Solomon came out to defend the girl, revealing that however much she rants on him, he cannot be with Zahara Toto anymore over a number of reasons that also include her disrepectful behaviors.

Don Solomon

Lol you can post anything you want about my girl. The truth is I cannot be with you anymore. I have my own reasons as to why I left you Zahara. You don’t have respect for anybody. Post all the lies about someone you don’t even know,” Don Solomon revealed via snapchat.

Zahara also asked him to bring back all her money, which she claims he is using to facilitate his new woman.


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