Best Tips on Hiring a Wedding Car

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Planning for a wedding is one most challenging thing in life as it is so demanding both time and financially. That said, one person alone may not be in position to meet all that is required to make such a day successful.

When planning for a wedding party, a number of factors have to be put into consideration and this includes hiring that special car that will let you live your dream. The memories of this day are a lifetime and that is why anyone who plans to have one invests nearly all that they have to see to it that it comes into a success.

Today, renting a luxurious car in Uganda for wedding transport is very essential in tasks listed for a well-planned wedding. Ideally, everyone wants to get out in that latest and classic models of vehicles on their special days.  Usually, it is a groom who arranges for transport for the bride to be and this means when making a choice you have to look into key tips. They include among others;

The color and model

Today, car rental agencies ensure that they list every luxury car among their bridal car fleets. When choosing which bridal car to hire or perhaps limousine for the bride to be, one ideally needs to be very keen on her favorite color and model of car. As well, you need to try to make compliment on the theme plus the bridal cars. If your theme color is red then you will need a limousine whose color compliments that theme.

Book early enough

Due to high demand for bridal cars, there is no need for you to wait till the last day otherwise, you will be left in disappointments. Note, planning for wedding takes a process and this comes with some stress and after happiness. Not to let headache to take over you, booking for that dream wedding car earlier enough is the best way to go. We recommend even that you do it at least six months earlier and if you are a kind who needs that unique model, then looking for it at least a year prior your wedding date is the best.

Try to be classic

With so many bridal car models that exist out there, you have to live within your preference and class. If you want to set yourself a class apart then a limousine is undoubtedly one of a few unique models one can opt for. However, there are many other classic models one can look out.

Deal with a trust worthy car hire company

Regardless of the fact that many car Rental Companies do exist in Uganda that deal in bridal car hire and others, you have to be careful on which one you to deal with. Most importantly, there are roadside dealers or individuals and such groups may not be ideal for one to deal and that is why we encourage our clients to always deal with that registered and recognized car hire agency. Unfortunately or fortunately, some may wish to save money and feel roadside dealers are the best and end up being disappointed. Why not get the best for your day and value for your money with a reliable, trust worthy and recognized agency?

Arrange appointments with car Rental Company

After making a choice on your dream bridal car, try to make some appointments with car Hire Company you are to deal with to ensure that the car you intend to use that day is of that style and matches your wedding needs. Besides, you need to conduct an independent research or pay a visit to the company’s office and find out which terms and conditions are set for their car hire. As well, it is during this period that you can request them to make some changes on specific areas that you feel the car they intend to offer you isn’t in.

Ascertain how many cars are required for the day

When planning, look at how many people are to be in wedding. By so doing, you will be in position to know how many cars and the preferred sizes for your day. Other factors that should be put taken note of is know if you as a couple want to be together or in different cars from that of maids and grooms men. This means that carrying capacity also becomes one important factor to consider and this can be determined by how many people are expected to be part of your wedding party. Remarkably, limousine can be the best option for some status but most importantly, you have to make your choice based on your budget.

Live within your budget

Not everyone may afford a limousine and if can’t, then opt for another. Most importantly, you need to know how much you have planned to spend on bridal car hire. This matters a lot the fact that this will help you know kind of car to hire depending on latest cars on market and also helps you avoid incurring debts because you never planned your things well. Therefore make sure that you live within your means and don’t be in a competition because your friend used this number of cars or this type of car so you should also have the same.

Where your reception matters                                           

This is a very important tip to take note of as this will help you know which kind of bridal to rent for your day. Note that some cars may not be reliable for long distances. Besides, this can also help you know how much you will pay as costs may differ if your wedding is destined within a city center or in the rural area.


Before you set off or while hiring a bridal car, you need to check the car thoroughly. You realize that some models are just so used and even not that well maintained which may end breaking down.


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