Late Mowzey Radio’s Family Breaks Silence On Dorah Mwima’s Son


The Family of the late Moses Sekibogo a.k.a Mowzey Radio has finally come out to comment on the reports that the fallen singer, vocalist and song writer had fathered a child with ex miss Uganda Dorah Mwima.

Earlier this week, the former beauty queen came out to address the public through her social media platforms about the father of his eldest son, Ethan.

Ex Miss Uganda Dorah Mwima

According to Dorah Mwima’s long post, her current zungu husband Nadder Barrack is not the biological father of her eldest son but rather Mowzey Radio whom she met in 2009 and went on to have a short lived romance that resulted into getting her pregnant.

Meanwhile, Mowzey Radio’s elder brother identified as Meddie has given his point of view on these matters, stressing out that the family is only aware of 5 children from the late singer.

However, he clarified that as a family, they welcome any children that may come forward but for any child to be counted as the late’s kids, he/she will first have to be subjected to DNA testing.

The mother of the Late Mowzey radio, Kasuubo Jane has however commented on these reports.

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