Zari Hassan Finally Reveals King Bae’s Face, Reports Emerge he is Bisexual


Self made Boss Lady and former wife to Tanzanian Singer Diamond Platinum, Zari Hassan has finally revealed the face of her new lover, popularly known as King Bae on social media to end several rumors that have been linking his identity to several personalities including Ben 10 and her Manager among others.

The world came to know about King Bae’s face during the recent live sessions on Instagram by the mother of Five her self and judging from the video making rounds on social media, it’s evident to see that the mother of 5 is quite happy and contented with her man despite what people are saying.

Zari Hassan with King Bae

However, even though Zari Hassan has made it clear that she wants her relationship life private, netizens have been determined to unmask her man since she used to post photos hiding the his face. According to inquisitive fans that have been making research to reveal his true identity, they have landed on shocking evidence that he might be Bisexual, chewing both men and women or purely gay.

According to these findings, King Bae’s real names are Cedric Fourie, a South African actor and business man who could be bisexual and said to be part of a South African reality show about of a gay socialite guy called Lasizwe.


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