Here is Why Makerere Students continue with Demonstrations Amidst Brutality


It is almost a week into demonstrations going on at Makerere University, where students are expressing themselves over the tuition increment policy, recently introduced by the University executive.

Some of the property that was destroyed by Police

During the demonstrations, there has been several reports pinning Security forces led by the Uganda Police and Military units for brutally raiding different halls of residence such as Lumumba, badly beating up students not sparing those with disability, as well as destroying their property. Several videos and pictures are circulating on social media confirming this.

However, since this has now became a national issue, many people have different views about why students are contining with their protests despite security forces using all brutal methods to keep them away from expressing their freedoms.

Makerere University Main Building

Many may not understand why Makerere University students are demonstrating but here is why.

First of all, It is because of cumulative 15% tuition increment that will run for five and started operating in the academic year 2019-2020. Taking an example, here is how this new policy is meant to operate;

In the academic year 2018-2019. If a course’s tuition was UGX 1,000,000/=, then in the Academic year 2019-2020 the story will change, the tuition of the same course will be increased by 15% making it go for UGX 1,150,000/=

In the academic year to come thats 2020-2021, the previously increased tuition will further more be increased by 15% that’s to say 1,150,000/= will be increased to UGX 1,322,500/= for a student to study the same course.

In the academic year 2021-2022 it being the 3rd year of the policy. The previously increased tuition will also be increased by 15% that’s to say 1322500 increased by 15% making it UGX 1,520,875/= for the same course that was once at 1M

In the academic 2022-2023 4th year of the policy. The previously increased tuition 1,520,875/= will further more increased by 15% making it UGX 1,749,006.25 for one to study a course that was 1M four years back.

In the academic year 2023-2024 5th year of the policy. The previously increased tuition 1,749,006.25 will also be increased by 15% making the tuition UGX 2,011,357.1875 /=. for a course that was 1M 5years back.

In brief, this policy means that after 5 years from now, students shall experience a 100% tuition increment at the University as elaborated by a student who preferred anonymity.

Some of the property that was destroyed by Police

As many wouldn’t want to oppose the tuition increment because times are changing and things get expensive with time due to the economic situation, but agree that the University should revise the policy and put an understandable Increase that favors both the students and Parents.

Many other students believe that this policy would be acceptable only if jobs were assured after their campus life, if parents incomes increased in the same proportions and etcetra.


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