Uganda Confirms 8 New Cases of Corona Virus


The Ministry of Health has confirmed eight new cases of the killer Corona Virus disease of Covid-19. The announce was made on the evening of the 23rd of March 2020. This brings the number of infected people to nine. These travelled back from Dubai aboard either the Emirates and Ethiopian Airways.

According to the health minister Jane Ruth Aceng, from the 35 samples that were tested, 8 turned out positive.

“All the 8 cases are Ugandan nationals who travelled back from Dubai, UAE.; 2 on the 20/03/2020 & 6 on the 22/03/2020 aboard the Emirates and Ethiopian Airlines flights.” She said.

6/8 were intercepted at the airport with fever whereas the two were retrieved from self-quarantine area/homes.

To date, a total of 2,661 travelers including Ugandans identified as potential risk have been either under self-quarantine or institutional quarantine. Of these, 1,356 are under follow up; 774 of these are under institutional quarantine while 582 are under self-quarantine.

The Ministry of Health thereby appeals all travelers who have been in Dubai in the past two weeks to call the health desk on 0800-100-066 or 0800-203-033 for further follow-up.


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