Spice Diana Dares Cindy to either Zip-up or Show up Fresh Musical work

Recently, Singer Cinderela Sanyu referred to female singers under music management groups as dummies, saying that they are not artists since many can’t even write their own songs.

“All the trending female artists are ‘dummies’ who just sit and wait for their management to do everything for them.” Cindy said.

Singer Cinderella SanyuThis appeared to have not gone well with a number of artists including her top rivalry target Sheebah Karungi who is signed under Team No Sleep, Vinka under the Swangz Avenue and the latest is Spice Diana who is signed under Source Management.

Spice Diana decided to hit back to Cindy, daring her to tighten her belt because she is dropping new music with the help of her record label, advising her to find a place some where else with her old songs.

“In 2019, if you don’t have new music, you will suffer,” Spice Diana’s dared the self proclaimed King of Dance hall.


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