Police Issues Guidelines for Nyenge Nyege Festival

Nyege Nyege

The Uganda Police and other Security Agencies have issued guidelines to be followed for those who will attending the Nyege-Nyege Festival starting on Thursday 15th – 18th of September, 2022 in Njeru, Jinja city.

Uganda Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, said since it is the first of its kind after Covid-19, it is expected to attract between 15, 000- 20, 000 celebrators, fans and goers who will enjoy the live music shows, parties and celebrations.

Therefore, the Joint Security Agencies has called upon all those intending participants to enjoy the festivity in a safe, responsible and respectful manner for themselves, and the people in the local area.

“We are, however, prepared to counter all forms of threats and to tackle any other vulnerabilities or eventualities targeting revelers. We have also reviewed the safety management plan of the organizers and the proprietors, their response plans, security and staffing levels, traffic controls, access controls, emergency evacuation plans and the deployment of specialized equipment,” Enanga said.

The Joint Security Teams will have a robust presence on site and will firmly deal with any crime, during the possession or any anti-social behaviors, he added.

“We have deployed within the venue spaces personnel who will be on the lookout for disruptive and potentially predatory behaviors. They will coordinate with the CCTV operating center.”

Mr Enanga also added, the behaviors include loitering, leering or intoxicated individuals, harassment of female especially young female adults, committing acts of sexual violence, physical assaults, robberies and thefts, will always be looked through.

The vast majority of people who want to have a good time are reminded to keep an eye on what and how much they drink.

Revelers are warned to be cautious with their properties like bags and mobile phones not to leave them unattended. Continually, the Police has urged people not to bring unnecessary bags to the event.

Those who will attend are encouraged to keep valuables closer at all times and also cautioned to keep wallets and purses out of sight.

Since the Joint Security Agencies anticipates predatory behavior from sex predators, targeting young adults and women. Revelers are advised to look out for potential sex predators spotting and stalking them. “We shall be on the lookout,” Said Enanga

Celebrators are also advised not to enter any camping site or tent without their will.

“Avoid any compromising situations like lone movements, especially at night. Entering a tent can easily lead to acts of victimization including sexual violence.”

“Notify medics and police in case a health concern arises. While at the venue, revelers should make sure they are aware of the surroundings. They should report any suspicious object or persons to the police or the organizers,” he said.

Attendants should pay much attention to where they can exit from the venue and have a plan in case they need to leave quickly. Also, Police have cautioned that the open waters of the River Nile will not be available for swimming.

Attendees must also ensure their camp or tent is not left unsupervised. While those buying a ticket, have been advised to ensure that they are purchased directly from the event organizers.

Victims of sexual abuse or violence are encouraged to immediately report to the police for investigations and post-rape treatment.

“Everyone should be able to enjoy the festival safely. We are focused on spotting disruptive behaviors, detecting and preventing many other kinds of crime, and remain dedicated to doing all within our means to keep the venue safe and secure for everyone,” said Enanga.

Meanwhile, Nyege Nyege is a festival that promotes foreign music, primarily electronic, by African artists. It was founded in 2013 by ex-pats Arlen Dilsizian and Derek Debru. It’s a multi-day annual festival that refers to a Luganda word Kinyegenyege describing “a sudden, uncontrollable urge to dance” .


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