10 Valentine’s Day No-Cost gifts to spice up your Love life


The pressure of buying a perfect gift for your lover on Valentines day can be stressful and time-consuming most especially when you don’t have money.

This Valentine’s Day and any other day, really, remind your significant other how much you care by doing some of these sweet gestures. Valentine’s Day is about love, so shouldn’t your gifts really show it? No matter how long you’ve been together, you don’t have to go all out and splurge on expensive, materialistic presents.

Here is what to do to make your lover feel at heart this valentines even though you don’t have money.

  • Make them a good breakfast.
  • Leave a note in his or her briefcase or purse so they’ll see it when they get to work. Surprise them with morning sex.
  • Surprise them at work with their favourite lunch.
  • Print out screenshots of your cutest text messages they probably forgot about.
  • Give a massage or back scratch (without insisting that you get one back).
  • Make their favorite restaurant dinner at home.
  • Get word magnets for the fridge and arrange cute phrases for them to wake up to.
  • Clean their entire place.
  • Try something new in the bedroom.
  • Have a scavenger hunt, even if it’s just around the house: leave clues and have a sweet surprise at the end.


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