Musicians are broke people who live artificial lives – Tamale Mirundi


Tamale Mirundi, President Museveni’s Press Secretary beleives Ugandan Musicians are ‘broke people who live artificial lives’.

He came out to sting the musicians after being asked to give his opinion on why very few local musicians jave so far come out to donate to the public during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

“Our local musicians are broke just like journalists. Do you know how much those music videos cost? That is why they lock themselves in dark shades. Those pretending to be cruising expensive rides are nothing and don’t have anything to show and in fact, they are living artificial lives because that is what their lives force them to live like.”

Tamale likened musician brokenness to that of journalists and men who work as lodge attendants reasoning that it is the sole reason as to why they always hide in dark shades.

“The only things they mostly showoff are shoes, clothes, watches of which some are even hoggish and outdated fashion outfits.” He added.


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