Top 10 most Corrupt Uganda Government Agencies Named

Corruption is considered to be the deadliest epidemic in the world today and according to research, it has claimed more lives than all the world wars put together.

However, coming to Uganda and Africa at large, corruption is something that can easily smoothen your ways of getting done with different stuff as well as protecting you from facing the ‘iron hand’ of the law.

According to the latest surveys on Corruption, Uganda was ranked the second most corrupt country in the East African Region, behind Burundi and the 16th in Africa with a Corruptio Perceptions Index (CPI) of 26.

A number of government agencies have been reported in different Corruption scandals and with the recent report by the Inspector General of Government (IGG) titled “Bi-annual Inspectorate of Government Performance”, top most corrupt agencies were listed including government institutions and districts.

The report was based on complaints by members of the public between a period of January and June. Here are the top 10 most corrupt Government agencies in Uganda.

1. Public officials – 330 Complaints
2. Local Govt – 328 Complaints
3. Towns – 144 Complaints
4. Head Teachers – 87 Complaints
5. District Service Commissions – 85 Complaints
6. Sub county Administration – 68 Complaints
7. Police – 59 Complaints
8. Private companies – 45 Complaints
9. Judiciary – 34 Complaints
10. Ministry of Lands – 28 Complaints

Others include;

  • Hospitals & health centers – 27 Complaints
  • Ministry of Public Service – 22 Complaints
  • Tertiary Institutions – 22 Complaints
  • Ministry of Trade – 18 Complaints
  • Colleges/Institutes – 14 Complaints
  • UNRA – 12 Complaints
  • Ministry of Works – 8 Complaints
  • District Engineers – 8 Complaints
  • Inspector of Schools – 8 Complaints
  • Construction Companies – 7 Complaints


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