Lawyer Malende Claims Her Life is in Danger


Shamim Malende, the lawyer representing MPs Allan Ssewanyana and Muhammad Ssegirinya has said that her life is under threat.
The two incarcerated legislators are battling charges of murder, terrorism and other charges.
Speaking to The Media, Malende said she officially informed the Masaka Grade One magistrate Grace Wakoli.
“The situation is not good because I have been receiving some threats. It is hard to lay my fingers on the actual people because I have been trailed on several occasions. There have been unknown people contacting and telling me to be careful because my life is in danger, ” she said.
Malende said that she reported the issue to Nansana police adding that she is very determined to continue with her legal representation of the pair.
“I have opened a case at Nansana police station because that is where I was at the time. I wanted it to be on the court record that my life is under threat. What we want is the state to expedite the investigation and if there is any avenue for the review of their bail conditions, option of appeal, we are exploring all that,” she said.
Meanwhile, the state prosecutor Richard Birivumbuka revealed that they have completed investigations and are ready to proceed to the High Court for trial.
Birivumbuka noted that the state is not aware that Ssegirinya is not at Luzira Murchison Bay hospital where he was taken after his health condition worsened.
Malende however emphasised that her clients need to access medical attention from specialised doctors as soon as possible before their situation worsens.
“We need the government to be directed to allow them access specialised medical attention from their own doctors, their own hospitals of their choice and the court has said it is okay,”said Malende.
The MPs are accused of killings three people and attempted murder in the greater Masaka sub region.
The case was adjourned to November 23 2021.


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