Kampala Sex Workers Cry Out over Corona Virus Pandemic


‘Mistresses of the Night’ from various locations of Kampala have raised alarm over low patronage attributing it to the out break of the Corona Virus Pandemic in the country as customers suddenly lost interest.

According to a one sex worker from areas of Kabalagala, an outskirt of Kampala city that is popular for its nightlife and mainly clubbing & prostitution, the disease has put her only source of income on the line. To make matters worse, following a number of guidelines by the president to combat the killer viral infection from the spreading that also also includes a curfew from 7.pm to 6.30am, this has cut short of their operations since this is mainly their operation duration.

“Since the disease hit Uganda through majorly Kampala city, and the president emphasised restricted access to the city (renowned prostitutes spots in Kampala and other areas) and banned mass gathering, it makes us hard to get customers.. ” She said.

Some modern prostitutes such as Escort Girls that trade their services via online means such as social media and websites are also facing the same thing since public transport was banned and there is no way they can get to their customers and the vise versa.


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