Gen Katumba Alleged Attackers Denied Bail


High court in Kampala has declined to release on bail one of the suspected General Katumba Wamala’s attackers on grounds that his sureties have no money to forfeit to the state in case he absconds.
Sheikh Yusuf Nyanzi is among the eight suspects named in the attempted assassination of General Katumba that left his daughter Brenda Nantoongo and Driver Haruna Kayondo dead on 1st June at Kisaasi.
Sheikh Nyanzi had applied before the High court to be temporarily released on bail pending his murder trial before the International Crimes Division of the High court saying he had substantial sureties to ensure his attendance in court.
However, while considering his bail application today, Justice Paul Gadenya has not agreed with Shiekh Nyanzi whom he has described as a flight risk because he is charged with a multiplicity of capital offences that attract a maximum death penalty.
The Judge in his ruling has explained that even though Nyanzi has faithfully answered his bail in the 2 murder offences before the ICD, he may this time round be tempted to flee the country once released on bail.
Justice Gadenya further ruled that even though Nyanzi’s sureties appear substantial, the court is not sure whether his wife Sumayyah Musa Namulindwa( housewife), brother -in Law Jamilu Ssebaduka(businessman) and friend Yusuf Semigabo(businessman) who stood for him have the means to each raise the bonded sum of 150million shillings in case the accused absconds.
According to the judge, this coupled with the negative record of the accused who has ever been granted amnesty for waging war against the government is not helpful factors for one to be granted bail.
Sheikh Nyanzi is now further remanded to prison with the rest of the suspects who were re-appearing in the Nakawa chief magistrates court for mention.


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