How to Use Your Phone to Locate Your Polling Station


As distribution of the Electoral Commission (EC)’s Voter Location Slips (VLS) continues, there are reports of overwhelming voter turnup across the country but has also triggered fear of a mass Covid-19 infections as people recklessly crowd the issuance centres to pick their voting slips without wearing masks or observing social distancing.

In some areas, voters were stranded as they could not see the EC officials designated to issue out the VLS.
However, you can avoid all the hustle and risks if you have a smart phone.

Uchaguzi, a new voter information platform  unveiled by ministry of ICT  recently to ensure there is interactivity and ease of access to information on electoral and voter education, as well as provide a civic education platform that will bridge the electoral knowledge gap, among others can help you avoid the risks that come with crowding to get a VLS.

The new platform has three digital assets – website (, app (mobile) and chat-bot. The same information is syndicated across the three channels. You can use the app or website to locate the polling station where you will cast the vote on January 14, 2021.

On the website, voter locator is the first item under Where and how to vote section. Enter your voter number, application id or national id number (NIN) to know where you will vote from the comfort of your zone.

You can now download the Uchaguzi application on and get all election related information immediately.


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