Bwaise Boast Of Slum Tourism


Bwaise a Kampala city Slum boasts of its’ tourism. This town centre that houses approximately 50,000 people and 120 villages has been a tourist destination for many tourists in the last year. ”Slum tourism” is a growing problem in Africa.

Bwaise on Bombo road has poor sanitation as it lacks clean water, has dusty and rubbished roads, but all that doesn’t stop tourists from visiting the area. With it’s dark alleys that are routes to many different areas, Bwaise has piles of sludge and trenches filled with crushed plastic bottles and rubbish.

Why Slum tourism is boosting in Bwaise because a number of people are embracing the tourism trade and are willing to show others around the area.

Some of the many activities that attract tourists to this floody area are empathy and others visit the slum for cheap prostitutes. Prostitution is bread winning job for most of the young women in the area called Bwaise Red Light district. Even though this area is well known for it’s rate level of HIV/AIDS in the community, a number of people engage in the activity.

If you are planning to tour Bwaise slums beware of the poor sanitation, crime,congestion and remember to safeguard your property.

Most of the tourists who visit Bwaise pass through Volunteers for Sustainable Development (VFSD). VFSD is well known for it’s volunteer work in the area and gets funds from a number of different countries to facilitate development .


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