Buchaman warns off anyone that Recorded him Clobbering Rocky Giant


Self proclaimed Ghetto president Mark Bugembe a.k.a Buchaman has vowed to investigate and find who ever leaked a video of him beating up fellow musician Rocky Giant so that he can be disciplined as he stands on his point of not regretting about anything.

According to the dread-locked Presidential Advisor, he and the team punished the ‘Pakalast’ singer in regards to the rules of the Ghetto against impersonation and ill-taking about fellow ghetto mates.

“It was just a form of disciplining him. We have rules that govern the ghetto and clobbering as a punishment is given to people who have disrespected their leaders…” Buchaman said regarding the disturbing video.

He explained that they clobbered Rocky and made him pick up trash in the compound, told him to bathe and then gave him food and he went away but it was just that the incident got out of hand when someone leaked the video and they are investigating who, so that they too can be disciplined.


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