Boda Boda Curfew is For Covid-19 and Security Issues


Minister for ICT and National Guidance Chris Baryomunsi has said that as the country fully re-opens, the 7:00 pm curfew on Boda Boda’s should be strictly observed, as it is not just a Covid-19 issue.

Baryomunsi, who is also the cabinet spokesperson said that the issue of Boda Boda’s is “complicated” and they should work within the stipulated guidelines until further notice.

The ICT minister made these remarks while appearing on NBS Morning Breeze, Monday.

“The curfew for the Boda Bodas is both a COVID-19 related and a security issue. They should therefore maintain the curfew from 7:00 pm to 5:30 am,” Baryomunsi said.

The country as per President Museveni’s address on December 31, 2021, is expected to fully reopen starting Monday, January 24, 2022, with all other areas that were still under lockdown reopening fully.

The 7:00pm nationwide curfew was also lifted by the President for every sector of the economy, apart from Boda Boda’s which he said should not work in the cover of darkness.

Several stakeholders and members of the civil society have in recent weeks called for the 7:00 pm curfew on Boda Boda’s to be lifted, saying that “it is not fair” for the riders.

Baryomunsi in his response however said that this is not possible for now, as the government is still studying the situation before deciding on the matter.

The minister however asked riders and the whole Boda Boda community “to take heart”, saying that the cabinet will consider their concerns and decide soon.

“The Boda Boda riders should take heart, we are going to sit and discuss this with the scientists and guide on this issue,” the minister added.

Baryomunsi also cautioned the rest of the sectors which have been re-opened to take caution and follow all the necessary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) because Covid-19 is still within.

“The reason we are reopening is to revive the economy. The responsibility of the bars will depend on the owners. They should ensure social distancing and that the people who come to these bars have masks,” Baryomunsi stressed.


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